Friday, June 17, 2005

... Forgot to mention about last night...

Ellen asked me at the last minute to help her out as a volunteer at the LA Film Fest. How much fun is it to pass out gift bags to people that you didn't have to buy? It's great fun. I got to pass my compliments on great work to Paul Rubens (Peewee Herman) and was introduced to Mario Van Peebles. With the exception of Hollywood style country and western food (bleh), it was a very good night.

Good theatrical day

Today turned out quite well. I had very little to do at RPA and that was great since I needed to drive down to a nearby studio to lay tracks down for a supporting character in "Melody of Oblivion." I'm not sure when this anime will be hitting the streets, but I was told that they've been asking people back to play guest villain roles - that would be quite cool.

I've been talking more with Tom Sanders about the whole "Dark Commandos" gig. Very exciting. Tom and Paul Darrigo and I are going tonight to watch "The Roost" at the LA Film Fest - good for networking, good for planning the second season of DC, good for fun with my friends.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Almost there

My move to Burbank is pretty slow and laborious. Filling up my little Honda CRX si on my way home from work. A thankless job since most of my stuff will have to go back into storage. I could ask for some help from my friends but I really don't want to burden them with that... I'd rather reserve that kind of favor for a more desperate situation!

Ellen is volunteering at the LA Film Festival tonight, and I thought I would get together with my old Director/friend Tom Sanders and hang out and talk about the second season of our proposed Dark Commandos! We will have a booth at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. Lot's of fun planned for that.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

I've just killed another evening!

This blog reading can really take over your free time! I've got to leave the ol' day job and get home, but there has been some fascinating stuff online of late. Of course I could just be procrastinating. I am in the middle of a move, after all.

So far, it feels far, far better living with my girlfriend in Burbank than "holed-up" in that little studio near USC. The "Feng Shui" was always wrong and I just couldn't set it right no matter how hard I tried.

Still waiting to hear back from my callback for "Forced Alliance." I hate that waiting and usually don't worry about it, but I'm really "itchin'" to do a fun action role. Green-screen is always fun, 'cause you have the finished results to look forward too (i.e. "How cool are they going to make me look!?") It's pretty much out of the actors hands once the acting "thang" has been delivered. Just be real with your character and fully invest yourself in the role and then wait and see what the wizards of SFX do with it. Cool.